Creating art to sort my head out

Artist Story

I want to inspire and celebrate addiction recovery using my original art as a tangible visual catalyst. I understand the devastating effects of multiple addictions, and most of these I’ve conquered.

I started painting in 2016 during my first proper attempt to abstain. My son born in 2018, was the catalyst for me finally starting to knock down my addictions one by one.

In 2020 (during the pandemic), having been sober for two years, I finally found enough courage to quit my corporate career. I've always felt creative but had never had the opportunity to explore it.

As much as I now want to spend my time painting, I also want to help others, to inspire and celebrate addiction recovery and help show you how I've done things.

My addictions took me away from my pain, temporary relief to become unconscious to it all. The drug, or alcohol addiction, for instance, took me away from my pain the quickest and for the longest, it made me do things that I would never consider doing sober. Or you could say 'enabled' me to do things that I would never do sober!

There are many layers to addiction. You do it, even though you don't want to! You feel you are not in control of your choices. Constant attempts to quit, only for it to resurface and consume you again.

There are various techniques that I've used to overcome these challenges. It is a daily process, and I look forward to sharing this with you through other channels. For now, start by investing in yourself and choose a print that will inspire you to begin your addiction recovery, or celebrate the journey you are already on!