Your portrait isn't just a painting; it's a masterpiece that captures your individuality through my artistic lens.

I want to delve into your personality, stories, and aspirations. This process allows me to create a visual representation that not only mirrors you but does so in a way that's uniquely mine. The next step starts on the canvas.

Get in touch now to join a gallery of extraordinary souls, where narratives are painted. The exclusivity of accepting commissions through application ensures a dedicated focus on those truly seeking a meaningful and bespoke artistic creation.

  •  Ben from The New Normal Charity sitting on a chair next to a table with a cup of coffee, looking at his commissioned portrait with a focused expression.
  • Two images next to each other, one showcases a commissioned painted portrait of a young woman with blonde hair, with a man and a child in the background, all surrounded by a galaxy or night sky-like background. And the second shows Jemma, a young woman with blonde hair, standing next to her commissioned portrait and smiling.