Discover Your Inner Essence Through Personalised Portraits

Welcome to the world of personalised artistry, where I specialise in creating portraits that truly represent you. Each brushstroke weaves your unique journey, trials, and dreams into the canvas.

Location Exclusive

I conduct portrait sessions exclusively in Richmond, Surrey, UK. Your visit to Richmond is vital for our collaborative process, and I'm excited to work with you in this distinctive setting to craft an authentic portrait that tells your story.

A Connection Beyond the Canvas

Our journey begins with a meaningful meeting. It's not about long sittings; it's about getting to know you. We'll chat, take reference photos, and uncover what makes you you.

Timely Art, Inquire for Availability

Expect your masterpiece in just two to three months from our initial connection. Please reach out to inquire about my availability.

Pricing Reflecting Your Vision

Pricing varies based on the size and intricacy of your artwork. To start, a 50% upfront payment is required.

Let's Create Your Legacy

If you have questions or want to explore your artistic vision, don't hesitate to get in touch. Your satisfaction is my top priority. Together, let's craft your story on canvas.

  •  Ben from The New Normal Charity sitting on a chair next to a table with a cup of coffee, looking at his commissioned portrait with a focused expression.
  • Two images next to each other, one showcases a commissioned painted portrait of a young woman with blonde hair, with a man and a child in the background, all surrounded by a galaxy or night sky-like background. And the second shows Jemma, a young woman with blonde hair, standing next to her commissioned portrait and smiling.