Creating art to sort my head out

D journey

Deano’s Journey

I started painting in 2016 during my first attempt to get sober. This was the first time I felt forced enough to make a real decision to change my life. It took the birth of my son and the threat that I could lose him to finally succeed. I stopped using drugs in 2018 and alcohol in 2019. Having been sober long enough; in 2021 I finally found enough courage to leave my career in financial services. If you are reading this and have your own addiction issues, or care for somebody who does, then I really empathise with you.

I know how to overcome addiction. The loneliness, pain, and isolation you are feeling. How difficult it is to find the courage to change your behaviours.

There are various techniques that I’ve used. It is a daily process, and I look forward to sharing these with you. Whereas I used to look back on my life and see pain and shame, I can now look back with pride. I used to live in a constant state of unhappiness and lack of fulfilment. Now I feel such gratitude and acceptance for my life. This wasn’t instant. There was a long period of pain! The art helped me endure this as my suppressed emotions started to unravel. Whereas in the past nothing good seemed to happened; now it is truly beyond my imagination what the world gives when you don’t have to deal with addiction.
I would love for your to start investing in yourself and choose a print that will inspire you to begin your addiction recovery, or celebrate the journey you are already on!