Creating art to sort my head out

Deano’s Journey

A recovering addict, a devoted father, and a passionate artist. I recently left 20 years in financial services to pursue an art career. Anyone who has ever chosen to leave stability and a safe lifestyle to follow a passion will know how much self-belief it takes. My art represents hope; it represents the crossroad to making better choices in my life. I started painting in 2016 during my first attempt to get sober. This was the first time I felt forced enough to make a real decision to change my life. It took the birth of my son and the threat that I could lose him to finally succeed.


In a world full of chaos, full of people wanting to prove themselves, and so disconnected, art means the opposite to me. It’s a place where there are no mistakes or failures, just the freedom to explore emotions and feelings. 

My mission is to do more than just sell art; I want to create a community where we support each other. Where we can open conversations about the grey areas in life and stay in touch, buying art should be an experience that is remembered and treasured, it represents an investment in yourself. A moment where you let yourself be moved by a piece of art and feel real joy. Whether it’s for you or for someone you love, buying a Deano Hewitts print represents a choice. 

Choose love. Choose connection. Choose art.