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The Dancer

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Mesmerisingly moving through music, exposed to the audience.


To find out more about what inspired the art and the story behind it, please get in touch.

Acrylic and oil on canvas

152 x 102 cm


  • My originals are very well looked after. They are part of me
  • They are all sold varnished, so they are ready to enjoy
What do I get
  • Original art piece signed by me
  • A certificate of authenticity - proof of ownership
  • My originals come unframed
  • You can hang a canvas painting on the wall without framing
  • You can choose a frame which suits your style and decor 
  • If you need any advice please get in touch
Shipping & Delivery
  • Free international delivery
  • Please allow two weeks for the despatch
  • My originals have a strictly limited print run of 100
  • This enhances the awareness and desirability of the original
 An acrylic painting of a dancer on stage in a stadium full of people. The dancer is dressed in a blue and black two-piece and is captured in a dynamic pose as they leap in front of the bright lights and an excited crowd. Deano Hewitts