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  • Reconnecting people to themselves through art.

Reconnecting people to themselves through art.

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Give yourself the luxury to pause, absorb and connect with high-quality limited-edition giclée prints of my original artworks.

What others say…

"I chose the piece because it completely captivated me. The intense colours really make a room come alive, and I couldn’t stop looking at it. There’s so much more than meets the eye! 

The arts helped me remember to stop and take it in and reminded me how important it is to invest in myself and treat myself. What I love the most about the piece is the colours; they really are incredible!"


"The quality amazes me! I have a couple of prints from various shops, and I haven't seen a texture like this before. The colours are vivid, and I notice a new part of the art each day. I like that the art seems just to keep on giving! 

I love the colours! The woman in the dressing room brought me back to my dancing days and the memories from those times."


"I bought the art as I am working on my relationship with alcohol and I wanted something to represent what I am going through. When I saw the piece and what Deano had written about the piece, it just spoke to me and I thought I have to have it.

It has empowered me. I have it on my desk and look at it all the time and it makes me proud of how far I have come, as it has been really hard at times."