Recovering from addiction


It could be drug, alcohol, sex, gambling, harmful food choices, smoking, technology...(to name a few) Make a massive investment in yourself to Kickstart your addiction recovery:


A Deano Hewitts prints to use as everyday visual inspiration.

Hang it somewhere prominent?

Choose the art which emotionally resonates with you.

A daily reminder of your decision to change your life.


Change your behaviour; be more sociable, retain more of your money, rediscover your self-worth, connect with your soul and purpose for life.


You may have conquered some of your addictions, or you may well be in the eye of the storm! However long you abstain, eventually you are reeled back in. You want to change…


How it works

  1. Pick your artwork
  2. Choose a size
  3. Delivered to your door
  4. Get it framed

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Break Free. Imagine sitting in front of your piece of art in a year, rejoicing in who you’ve become, able to face the world and enjoy freedom.


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