Creating art to sort my head out

About Me

“In a world full of chaos, full of people wanting to prove themselves, and so disconnected, art gives me solace. It’s a place where there is no judgement on mistakes or failures, just the freedom to explore emotions and feelings.”...and have some fun! 

A recovering addict, a devoted father, and a passionate artist. I, rather riskily, quit a well-paid job in finance in 2020 to pursue my creativity as an Artist. 

I started painting in 2016 as a hobby.  I credit this with the start of the unravelling of my living hell and now finding my bliss.  

I believe in putting true meaning behind the phrase ‘a picture tells a thousand words.’ I’m following a burning desire to shift the stigma that still surrounds mental well-being and addiction in the world today, without words and without judgment, but through art. 

If I can do anything, I hope to make you think and feel. Creating a piece of art is where I can be the most honest with myself, it’s where I give sincere accounts of loss, hope, grief and courage. 

Art represents my crossroad to making better choices in life and sorting my head out! 

If you want to dive deeper into my story, I regularly publish blogs on Medium

Deano Hewitts